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The Climate Services and Research Centre at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia develops and disseminates advanced climate models and data to provide practical information on the physical, social, and economic impacts of climate change.  We are a group of professors and researchers that collaborate to answer local and regional questions on climate change. The centre's products contribute to better prepare and manage risks associated with the impacts of climate change. We also engage in teaching and outreach.

The centre provides training for undergraduate and graduate students in climate prediction and the application of such predictions on relevant sectors such as agriculture, economy, planning, health, energy, and transportation in the region.

We're both seasoned and fresh academics at StFX University with different fields of expertise, but we share one thing in common: a professional dedication to research climate change issues and help others learn about climate through advanced predictive modeling methods. We collaborate to research according to the needs of the region and offer services that will provide a complete understanding of climate issues.


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Climate Research

We produce highly sophisticated climate models to help determine how climate change might impact our region in the near and far future so that you can start making informed decisions today.

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Climate change effects are not evenly distributed. We can help people in the region understand exactly what to expect when it comes to climate change and how to best leverage existing assets to mitigate undesirable impacts of climate change.

Environmental Worker

Environmental Education

The CSRC engages with all levels in the community. With this purpose, we develop, implement and maintain a community of practice for Atlantic Canada. This community of practice will build from existing initiatives in other provinces and internationally.

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