Related Programs at StFX

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The Climate Services and Research Centre has the distinct pleasure of being housed within St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. Research in the areas of climate and environment represents one of the most highly productive and successful areas at St. Francis Xavier (StFX) University.  StFX supports student training in climate and environment research at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels.  Climate and environment research at StFX is also broadly inter-disciplinary, linking faculty applying natural and physical science research methodologies, with those involved in social and health sciences. The following programs are offered at StFX. Students from these and related programs may have the opportunity to gain research experience by working for and with the Climate Services and Research Centre.

Undergraduate: BASc in Climate and Environment

The program provides students with maximum exposure to knowledge that will contribute directly to their understanding of climate and environmental topics while maintaining a liberal arts approach that encourages commitment to broad critical and scientific inquiry, logical rigour, and creative problem-solving. The complexity of environmental issues facing societies across the planet as a result of the growth of technology, globalization of economies, and rapid increases in population and per capita consumption requires an integrative approach that we believe cannot be adequately explored through disciplinary perspectives from a single faculty. As such, the program aims to be both broad and inclusive.

Graduate: MSC in Earth Sciences

Students have the opportunity to complete a two-year MSc with the guidance of members of the Centre. The MSc includes significant research opportunities. There are typically around 20 graduate students active within the department (MSc and PhD combined). Graduate students have a peer group and take common courses, yet also have the close collaborative relationship with their supervisors that is characteristic of small universities. Our graduate students work alongside professors in collaborative research endeavours. 
We offer competitive funding for eligible students.

Graduate: PhD in Environment (Partnership with Memorial University)

StFX holds a collaboration agreement with Memorial University in Newfoundland (MUN) that allows students to enroll in a PhD program at MUN but hold their residency at StFX. This means students completing a PhD can do so at StFX with faculty supervisors from StFX while getting their PhD from MUN. We offer competitive funding for eligible students.