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The members of the Climate Research and Services Centre have broad interests in climate and environmental science, problems, and solutions. Our main research areas include:

Climate Dynamics, Land Surface Processes, Climate Change Impacts, Biogeochemical Cycles, and Earth System Model Development, Geothermal and Wind Energy, the Economics of Climate Change, Impacts of Climate Change on Communities in the Global South, Examining Community Resilience in Response to Consequences as a Result of Climate Change.


Dr. Hugo Beltrami

Canada Research Chair in Climate Dynamics, Tier 1

Dr. Beltrami’s research program is focused on characterizing the energy transfer between the lower atmosphere and the first few hundred meters of the Earth’s surface; the interface where we live. His research is helping to develop advanced and original methods of analysis and modelling of the dynamics of processes involved in energy transfer at the atmosphere-ground interface, as well as develop and expand regional climate modeling methodologies for cross-disciplinary collaborations and the sharing of expertise, to address multifaceted societal challenges.


Dr. Corrine Cash

Urban Planning and Development

Dr. Cash’s work focuses on environment, climate change, urban issues, and social equity. She is currently conducting research on how people who live in informal settlements in coastal cities are adapting to the impacts of climate change.


Dr. Lisa Kellman

Environmental Biogeochemistry

Dr. Lisa Kellman, former Canada Research Chair in Environmental Science at StFX University, focuses her research on greenhouse gas exchange processes in aquatic and soil environments, transport and fate of reactive nitrogen in agricultural watersheds, and changes in the storage and stability of carbon and nitrogen in agricultural and forest soils. Her research is crucial to ascertaining the fate of long-term storage of soil carbon under a changing climate.


Dr. Andrew MacDougall

Earth Systems Models and Carbon Cycle Feedback

Dr. MacDougall uses models and observations to study feedbacks to climate change. The primary focus of his lab is developing new climate model components to improve future forecasts of climate change and its impacts on human societies. Current projects include contributions to the Zero Emissions Commitment Model Intercomparison Project (ZECMIP), exploring the permafrost carbon feedback to climate change, devising a fundamental understanding of the Transient Climate Response to Cumulative CO2 Emissions (TCRE), improving the representation of plant phenology in climate models, and adding nitrogen and phosphorus cycles to a climate model.


Dr. Patrick Withey

Environmental Economics

Dr. Withey is an economist who conducts research related to the environment and natural resources, and generally focuses on issues related to climate change. He has worked on several funded projects that involved estimating the economic impact of climate change in Atlantic Canada, as well as the benefit of climate policy aimed at mitigation or adaptation. Another focal point of his research has involved modelling optimal management of forests and wetlands while accounting for the benefits associated with carbon storage. He has also worked  on energy modelling to determine the impact of increased renewable energy generation in Canadian provinces.

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