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We provide links to reputable climate resources to help you get started on your own research queries.

Canadian Centre for Climate Services

The Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) is a dedicated multi-disciplinary team with expertise across a broad range of climate-related disciplines. We work with partners and stakeholders to support the implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

We help Canadians understand, and become more resilient to climate change by:

  • delivering climate services driven by user needs

  • providing access to climate information

  • building local capacity

  • offering training and support

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium

PCIC is a regional climate service centre at the University of Victoria that conducts quantitative studies on the impacts of climate change and climate variability in the Pacific and Yukon region. Results from this work provide regional climate stakeholders with the information they need to develop plans for reducing the risks associated with climate variability and change. In this way, PCIC plays an important bridging function between climate research and the practical application of that knowledge by decision makers.

Ontario Climate Consortium

Established in 2011, the OCC works collaboratively with university researchers and partners from the public, private and NGO sectors on projects aimed at answering specific questions related to climate change and creating the intelligence necessary to address climate risk. Its formal mission: To arm decision makers with regionally-specific climate data, intelligence and adaptation services that enable effective policy and investment responses to climate uncertainty in Ontario

Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources

Dedicated to assisting communities and sectors adapt to climate change through the provision of climate science and adaptation tools. The Centre is also a resource hub for researchers and stakeholders searching for activities, events and resources on climate change impacts and adaptation.

Nunavut Climate Change Centre

A web-based climate change resource centre intended to provide current climate change information relevant to Nunavummiut. The NC3 is here to share and distribute climate change knowledge, research, and resources and make information more accessible to the public. It is run by the Government of Nunavut's Climate Change Secretariat.

Tracking Adaptation to Climate Change Consortium

TRAC3 was created to facilitate new and innovative research that improves our understanding of adaptation to climate change around the world. Here you will find information about our current projects and can access publications from our associates.

Prairie Climate Centre

The Prairie Climate Centre is committed to making climate change meaningful and relevant to Canadians. We explain and communicate climate change through maps, videos, reports, and web content like this. Sign up for our mailing list to stay informed about our work and about new developments in climate change science and policy. Help us move Canada from climate risk to resilience.


A non profit organization that develops and coordinates projects by tapping into a network of approximately 450 researchers, experts, practitioners and policy-makers from a variety of disciplines.